About Us

Here at Revolve, we are true believers of the intrinsic beauty of technology! Our hectic modern day lives are largely run by all different kinds of technology which, for the most part, remains invisible to the naked eye and is therefore forgotten. We expect things ‘to just work’, often with little regard for the incredible amount of work that went into making the technologies that we use every day such as our incredibly complex laptops, smartphones and cars. Our aim is to put this technology on show in our products to allow it to be both remembered and appreciated! 

Our materials and what we do with them sets us apart from the high street and its vast collection of less unique offerings. For more information, click on the Materials Circle below to have a look and get inspired!

Being different is fun and creative. Our ambition is to craft products that are interesting, functional and, most importantly, well designed whilst still being good value for money.

Our products are handcrafted solely by us here in the UK as we are privileged to have our headquarters based high up in the clean fresh air of the Yorkshire Pennines surrounded by rolling hills, plunging valleys, little village pubs and more than our fair share of cows!

Most of our products can be personalised and many have already been adopted by household names in various industries. Click on the Bespoke and Promotional Circle below to have a sneaky peek or contact us at graham@revolve-uk.com for more information.